City of Garland
Council Chambers, City Hall
William E. Dollar Municipal Building
200 North Fifth Street
Garland, Texas 
July 10, 2018
7:00 p.m.

The City Council extends to each visitor a sincere welcome. We value your interest in your community and your participation in the meetings of this governing body. Regular meetings of the City Council are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m.; the City Council meets regularly in work sessions at 6:00 p.m. the Monday preceding each regular meeting.

Garland City Hall and Council Chambers is wheelchair accessible.  Special parking is available on the east side of City Hall and on Austin & State Street west of City Hall.  Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aids or services must contact the City Secretary’s Office at (972) 205-2404 at least two working days prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made. BRAILLE IS NOT AVAILABLE.


Strategic Focus Areas
In November 2017, Council adopted ten Key Focus Areas reflecting the attributes they want to accurately describe the Garland community.

  • Growing Economic Base
  • Commercially Thriving Downtown
  • Well-Maintained City Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Quality of Life Through Amenities, Arts, and Events 
  • Safe Community
  • Vibrant Neighborhoods and Commercial Center
  • Reliable, Cost Efficient Utility Services
  • Customer-Focused City Services
  • Sound Governance and Finances
  • Future-Focused City Organization 

It is the custom and tradition of the members of the City Council to have an invocation and recital of the Pledge of Allegiance prior to the beginning of the meeting.  Members of the audience are invited to participate.  However, members of the audience are not required to participate.  The decision to participate is strictly a matter of personal choice and has no bearing on matters to be considered by the City Council and will not affect the decisions to be made during the meeting. 

The Mayor may present proclamations and recognize attendees or award winners, and may make announcements regarding upcoming City events and matters of interest to citizens. There will be no Council deliberations or votes on these matters.

All items under this section are recommended for approval by a single motion of Council, without discussion. Council has had the opportunity to review each of these items at a previous work session and approval of the consent agenda authorizes the City Manager to implement each item. The Mayor will announce the agenda and provide an opportunity for members of the audience and the City Council to request that an item be removed and considered separately.
1.   Consider approval of the minutes of the June 19, 2018 Regular Meeting.
2. Consider approval of the following bids:
Sanitary Sewer Line Rehabilitation    Bid No. 0799-18
Insituform Technologies, LLC $1,023,385.00  

This request is to provide trenchless rehabilitation of an existing forty-eight inch sanitary sewer line.
End Dump Trailers for Environmental Waste Services    Bid No. 0742-18
Texoma Mfg., LLC $430,404.00  

This request is to purchase four replacement and two new End Dump Trailers for Environmental Waste Services to use in their daily operations.  
Traffic Controllers for Warehouse Inventory    Bid No. 0832-18
Texas Highway Products, LTD $251,378.00  

This request is for the purchase of intersection traffic controllers for Warehouse inventory. 
Engineering Design Services for GP&L Naaman Substation Rebuild    Bid No. 0845-18
Black & Veatch Corporation $337,200.00  
Optional Contingency 33,800.00  
TOTAL: $371,000.00  

This request is to obtain engineering design services for the rebuild of the 138 kV portion of the GP&L Naaman Substation.  Due to the complex nature of the project, an Optional Contingency is included for any additional work that may be required.
Water Tank Trucks for Street Department    Bid No. 0884-18
Grande Truck Center $425,579.00  

This request is to purchase three replacement Water Tank Trucks for the Street Department to use in their daily operations. 
Ambulances for Garland Fire Department    Bid No. 0879-18
Mac Haik Dodge $912,862.96  

This request is to purchase two replacement and two new Ambulances for the Garland Fire Department to use in their daily operations. 
Police Uniforms and Rain Gear    Bid No. 0893-18
Galls $126,631.20  

This request is to purchase Officer Uniforms and Rain Gear for the Garland Police Department to use in their daily operations. 
Zoll X-Series EKG Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators   Bid No. 0883-18
Zoll Medical Corporation $120,718.71  

This request is to purchase three Zoll X-Series EKG Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators for the Garland Fire Department to use in their daily operations. 
Bridge Remediation - Group 1B   Bid No. 0669-18
Joe Funk Construction, Inc.  $1,535,211.05  

This request is to provide for Bridge Inventory, Inspection, and Appraisal Program (BRINSAP) repairs to five bridges crossing Duck Creek, Spring Creek, Rowlett Creek, and a tributary to Duck Creek.  
Alley Improvements - Phase 2B   Bid No. 0718-18
KIK Underground, LLC $976,301.75  

This request is to reconstruct four concrete alleys: Andover Drive/Cripple Creek Drive alley (Waldorf Drive to Manchester Drive); Blossom Road/Sheridan Drive alley (Blossom Road to West Kingsley Road); Briar Way/Ravencroft Drive alley (Broadmoor Drive to Northwest Highway); and the Douglas Drive/Lexington Drive alley (Saturn Road to Charleston Drive).
Bridge Remediation - Phase 1A   Bid No. 0668-17
Gibson & Associates, Inc. $78,922.00  

This request is to provide for the construction of wastewater manholes at the Jupiter Road bridge over Duck Creek, as shown in the attached Location Map. 

Speaker Regulations:

Anyone wishing to speak for, against, or on agenda items must fill out a speaker card and give it to the City Secretary before speaking (cards are located at the entrance to the Council Chambers). The Mayor will recognize speakers; he may impose a time limit and may provide for rebuttal. All comments and testimony are to be presented from the podium.
3.   Consider the Appointment of a Mayor Pro Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem

Council is requested to consider the appointment of a Mayor Pro Tem and if so desired a Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem. 
4.   Consider by minute action the appointment of a City of Garland representative to the Texas Municipal Power Agency Board of Directors.

At the July 9, 2018 Work Session, Council interviewed candidates interested in being appointed as the City of Garland's representative to the Texas Municipal Power Agency Board of Directors for a two-year term beginning July 10, 2018.
5.   Consider a resolution of the City Council of the City of Garland, Texas, nominating Epiroc Drilling Solutions LLC to the Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism through the Economic Development Bank for designation as an Enterprise Project ("Project") under the Texas Enterprise Zone Program under the Texas Enterprise Zone Act, Chapter 2303, Texas Government Code ("Act").

Council is requested to approve the staff recommendation for the Texas Enterprise Zone nomination. 
6. Hold a public hearing on:
a.   Consider the application of The Dimension Group, requesting approval of a Specific Use Provision for a Fuel Pumps, Retail Use.  The property is located at 806 West Centerville Road. (File No. Z 18-26, District 5)

BEING an approximate 0.517-acre tract of land situated in the Theophalus Thomas Survey, Abstract No. 1461, City of Garland, Dallas County, Texas and being all of Lot 1, Block A , Phillips Addition, an addition to the City of Garland, Dallas County, Texas according to the plat thereof recorded in Volume 68176, Page 232, Deed Records, Dallas County, Texas (D.R.D.C.T.) and also being all of the same tract of land as described in deed to Zaz, Inc., recorded in Instrument No. 20080067239, Official Public Records, Dallas County, Texas (O.P.R.D.C.T.).  Approval of the request would allow the demolition of the existing convenience store with fuel sales and the development of a new convenience store with fuel sales.
7. Consider appointments to Boards and Commissions.

Board members are selected for two-year terms by the City Council in August. Terms are usually staggered whereby at least half of the membership has board experience. Board members are appointed based on qualifications.
  Council Member Robert Vera
  • Caleb Ernst - Citizens Environmental and Neighborhood Advisory Committee
8. Citizen comments.

Persons wishing to address issues not on the agenda may have three minutes to address Council at this time. Council is prohibited from discussing any item not posted according to the Texas Open Meetings Act.
9. Adjourn.

All Regular Council meetings are broadcast live on CGTV, Time Warner Cable Channel 16, and Frontier FIOS TV 44. Meetings are rebroadcast at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday-Sunday and at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. Live streaming and on-demand videos of the meetings are also available online at Copies of the meetings can be purchased through the City Secretary’s Office – audio CD’s are $1 each and DVD’s are $3 each.